DateTitleBible TextDescriptionPreacher
28 Jul 2019Lost and FoundLuke 15The heart of the One who lost usMatthew Boardwell
21 Jul 2019Fair Weather Spectators or Wholehearted Recruits?Luke 14:25-35Following Jesus is not for the faint of heartMatt Tuttlebee
14 Jul 2019A Snubbed InvitationLuke 14:14-24The invites are in the mail; We await your RSVP.Michael Wilson
07 Jul 2019Social Etiquette Shaped By IdentityLuke 14:1-14Humility and generosity at Jesus's tableMatt Tuttlebee
30 June 2019The Narrow Door Is Still OpenLuke 13:22-35Will only a few be saved? Why or why not?Matthew Boardwell
23 June 2019
Stewing over Stewardship2 Corinthians 98 Ways to Give and 9 Principles for GivingMichael Wilson
16 Jun 2019 Grace to Give2 Corinthians 8:1-15Generous giving is all about God's graceMatthew Boardwell
19 May 2019 Servanthood MindsetVarious ScripturesIf you want to be great in God's kingdom...Kirk Poth
12 May 2019 Kingdom KindnessLuke 13:10-21A little leaven, a little seed, a universal kingdom. Michael Wilson
05 May 2019 Repent to Flourish; Ignore to Perish Luke 13:1-9We have a choice. Now is the time to choose.Matt Tuttlebee
28 April 2019 The Great DividerLuke 12:49-59Jesus is the rightful judge and Great Divider of humankind.Matthew Boardwell
21 April 2019It's All or Nothing1 Corinthians 15:12-20Either Jesus rose from the dead or...Michael Wilson
14 April 2019ThirstyJohn 19:28Fully human, Jesus died in our place. Matthew Boardwell
07 April 2019 ForsakenMark 15:34Jesus dying alone for usKirk Poth
31 Mar 2019MotherJohn 19:25-27Even in his anguish Jesus' heart is turned toward othersMatt Tuttlebee
24 Mar 2019The Promise of ParadiseLuke 23:35-43A rebel starts his day in prison and ends it in paradise. Michael Wilson
17 Mar 2019Father, ForgiveLuke 23:34Forgiving people who don't acknowledge the wrong they've done.Matthew Boardwell
10 Mar 2019I Love My Church - Part 6Romans 6:3-4Baptism.
Participation in God's big family and its mission.
Kirk Poth
03 Mar 2019I Love My Church - Part 51 Corinthians 11The Lord's Supper.
Participation in God's big family and its mission.
Michael Wilson
24 Feb 2019I Love My Church - Part 4John 20:21-23Vision.
Participation in God's big family and its mission.
Kirk Poth
17 Feb 2019I Love My Church - Part 3Various ScripturesParticipation in God's big family and its mission. Kirk Poth
10 Feb 2019I Love My Church - Part 2Various ScripturesParticipation in God's big family and its mission. Kirk Poth
03 Feb 2019I Love My Church - Part 1Ephesians 5:25Participation in God's big family and its mission. Kirk Poth
27 Jan 2019Be Ready!Luke 12:35-48Time is running out for us to be ready to meet the Lord. Michael Wilson
20 Jan 2019Investment Advice from JesusLuke 12:13-34A risk-free guaranteed eternal investment with no downside.Matthew Boardwell
13 Jan 2019
Whom to Fear in Rising Temperatures
Luke 12:1-12When you properly fear God, you need fear no one else.Matt Tuttlebee
06 Jan 2019Be a DARE-DiscipleVarious ScripturesSome practical help to face the challenges of following Jesus.Kirk Poth
30 Dec 2018Finishing StrongVarious ScripturesPastor Kirk looks back over 2018 and casts vision for 2019Kirk Poth
25 Dec 2018Birthday Party for JesusVarious ScripturesJesus is someone special worth celebrating!Michael Wilson
23 Dec 2018The PEACE of ChristmasIsaiah 9:1-7; Luke 2:1-15Everybody needs PEACE with God. Jesus came to offer it.Matthew Boardwell
16 Dec 2018The JOY of ChristmasVarious ScripturesChristmas is good news of great JOY for everyone.Matt Tuttlebee
2 Dec 2018The HOPE of Christmas Various ScripturesChristmas gives us more than something to hope for, it gives us someone to find our hope in.Michael Wilson
25 Nov 2018Six Whoas / WoesLuke 11:37-54Jesus saves his most scathing criticism for religious hypocrites. Matthew Boardwell
18 Nov 2018Fix Your Eyes on JesusLuke 11:27-36Matt Tuttlebee
11 Nov 2018A Questioning of AuthorityLuke 11:14-26Can a house divided against itself stand?Michael Wilson
04 Nov 2018The Disciples' PrayerLuke 11:1-13Jesus give us a model not a mantra to pray.Kirk Poth
28 Oct 2018Worship FirstLuke 10:38-42How to truly welcome JesusMatthew Boardwell
21 Oct 2018The Good SamaritanLuke 10:25-37Is there any such thing as a Good Samaritan?Matt Tuttlebee
14 Oct 2018The Long Road to the CrossLuke 1-24Jesus was always bound for the hill outside Jerusalem. Michael Wilson
07 Oct 2018Many Happy ReturnsLuke 10:13-24Jesus tells the returning 70 what to rejoice aboutMatthew Boardwell
30 Sep 2018Sheep Among WolvesLuke 10:1-12Jesus sends out 72 more disciples to do his work.Michael Wilson
23 Sep 2018Walking with Jesus on the Road to JerusalemLuke 9:51-62Following Jesus is different than you think.Kirk Poth
16 Sep 2018Who Is the Greatest?Luke 9:46-50The One who is the greatest shows the disciples they are not.Michael Wilson
09 Sep 2018Jesus Can!
Luke 9:37-45The disciples can't but Jesus canMatthew Boardwell
2 Sep 2018The Transfiguration of JesusLuke 9:28-36Matt Tuttlebee
26 Aug 2018The Most Important Question of All TimeLuke 9:18-27Radical discipleship is still a challenge today.Michael Wilson
19 Aug 2018Surprise Guests and Nothing on the HobLuke 9:10-17Compassion for the lost and the work of the Kingdom.Michael Wilson
12 Aug 2018Power and Authority to PreachLuke 9:1-9Jesus still calls His disciples to His two-fold mission. Michael Wilson
5 Aug 2018A Father’s Worst NightmareLuke 8:40-42, 49-56Jesus is able to cure the incurable, to heal the unhealable, to solve the unsolvable, and to save the unsavable.Michael Wilson
29 Jul 2018Where could I goLuke 8:40-48Often there is nowhere else to go but Jesus.Michael Wilson
22 Jul 2018When Jesus enters our situation, all things change!Luke 8:26-39The Divine Authority of JesusKirk Poth
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15 Jul 2018Where is your Faith?Luke 8:22-25Jesus calms the storm, exposing what the disciples were really trusting in!Michael Wilson
8 Jul 2018Don't Hide the LightLuke 8:16-18Part A
Don't Hide the Light
Matt Tuttlebee
8 Jul 2018We are FamilyLuke 8:19-21Part B
We are Family
Matt Tuttlebee
1 Jul 2018The Sower and the Garden of our HeartsLuke 8:1-15Understanding differing responses to the message of lifeMatt Tuttlebee
24 Jun 2018 The Aroma of the KingdomLuke 7:36-50Contrasting responses to Jesus!Matt Tuttlebee
17 Jun 2018Learning from the BestVarious TextsImproving Fatherhood by Learning from our Heavenly FatherMichael Wilson
10 Jun 2018Will You Dance to God's Tune?Luke 7:24-35Jesus is challenging the crowd to their refusal to accept both John the Baptist and Jesus.Matt Tuttlebee
03 Jun 2018Nagging Doubts, Second Guesses and Last Minute JittersLuke 7:18-23John the Baptist checks for Verification of the SaviourMichael Wilson
27 May 2018Jesus' Cancellation of a WakeLuke 7:11-17A community in shock as Jesus raises a widow's only son from the deadMatt Tuttlebee
20 May 2018Faith that Surprises the SaviourLuke 7:1-10A Gentile's faith that takes Jesus by surpriseMichael Wilson
13 May 2018Building an Unshakable LifeLuke 6:46-49The subtle and dramatic difference between foundationsMatthew Boardwell
06 May 2018Comedy that Penetrates the HeartLuke 6:39-45Comical illustrations that cut to the heart of hypocrisyMatt Tuttlebee
29 Apr 2018 Living in the Right-Side-Up KingdomLuke 6:27-38Being a child of the merciful God has radical implicationsMichael Wilson
22 Apr 2018Jesus and his Upside Down KingdomLuke 6:17-26Jesus and his Upside-Down KingdomMatthew Boardwell
15 Apr 2018Jesus Chooses the "Dream" TeamLuke 6:12-19Jesus assembles a flawed, diverse band of followersMatt Tuttlebee
08 Apr 2018It's Never a Bad Day to Heal or to SaveLuke 6:1-11When rules trump love, Jesus trumps rules. Michael Wilson
01 Apr 2018 If He Was Still There1 Corinthians 15:1-20Jesus would be appalled at our worship if he were in the tomb... But he is RISEN!Matthew Boardwell
25 Mar 2018 Impediments in the RoadMatthew 21:1-11What happens when we things in Jesus' PathMichael Wilson
18 Mar 2018 The Doctor Will See You NowLuke 5:27-39Doctor Jesus came to heal the spiritually sick. Matthew Boardwell