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1 Sept - The Shrewd Servant - Luke 16:1-18

8 Sept - A Dead Man's Tale - Luke 16:19-31

15 Sept - Only Faithful Servants - Luke 17:1-19

22 Sept - Layton Kelly Testimony and Ministry - Judges 3

29 Sept - When the Kingdom Comes - Luke 17:20-37

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What are your weekly services like?

As the tide ebbs and flows with predictable rhythm, a cycle of private and public worship helps to maintain a healthy spiritual life with God.

Worship together is an extension of a living faith in Jesus. Since we walk with God every day as individuals, our gatherings are special times for us to share in our experience of him.

How do we do that?

  • We study the Bible.
    We would have no knowledge of God at all were it not for his revelation. And his most clear revelation is through his written word, the Bible. So we read it, study it, memorise it, and preach it. Both Old and New Testaments. Every week.
    Warning: It takes a while to explain some passages or explore some biblical ideas. So some sermons might be longer than you are used to.
  • We sing a lot.
    Singing gives voice to what we believe and our testimony of following the Lord. The songs we sing are old and new and very new. We sing from song books, song sheets, projections, and sometimes from memory. Joining our voices with believers diverse in age and background reminds us that we are in this journey of faith together.
  • We share communion monthly.
    On the first Sunday each month, we devote a large portion of our worship to the Lord's Supper. With the bread and the cup, we remember the sacrifice of Jesus and the forgiveness of our sin.
    We nearly always follow this monthly celebration with a fellowship meal together where we share food and friendship.
  • We have activities for children.
    Most weeks during the sermon, we have a special time planned for the children. Typically, these times are filled with games, songs, crafts, and a Bible lesson geared to kids.

A typical service at Sligo Baptist Church lasts about 1 1/2 hours followed by a tea time.

Who can attend?

Whether you're a lifelong Christian or a skeptic just checking things out for the first time, you will be welcome. Wear comfortable clothes. Expect to experience God's presence and the friendship of his people.

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Diverse congregation

In addition to Irish Christians, Sligo Baptist has believers from all around the world. On a typical Sunday, you will meet people from the UK, America, the Philippines, Canada, Romania, Ghana, Bulgaria, and other places.

We think of it as a weekly expression of the worship the Bible says is happening in heaven:

“[Jesus] You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from
EVERY tribe AND language AND people  AND nation."

You have made them to be A KINGDOM and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth.”


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