Maybe you've never heard of a Baptist Church. Maybe you have and you've wondered what they are about. Maybe you want to know more about Sligo Baptist Church specifically.

Maybe you've had questions like these:

How can someone be right with God?

Our sin alienates us from God and nearly everyone instinctively knows that. But in Jesus, God the Son himself became one of us. He lived a life like ours, died the death we earned for our sin and rebellion, and then rose again to conquer sin and its consequence. Anyone who seeks forgiveness from God and trusts that Jesus did all this for them is given new spiritual life from God that lasts forever.

What's a Baptist?

Baptists are Christians who believe that personal faith in Jesus our Saviour is necessary for eternal life with God. After someone has believed his message and become his follower, they should be baptised by immersion to profess their faith in Christ publicly.

For a detailed explanation of Baptist beliefs and the Bible verses supporting them, click here.

What's your denominational affiliation?

Sligo Baptist Church is part of the larger fellowship of churches called the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland.

Are Baptists a new religion or an American thing?

Although Sligo Baptist Church has only existed since 1977, Baptists have been around since 1609 when John Smyth founded the first Baptist work in Amsterdam.

By 1653 there were already ten Baptist churches scattered throughout Ireland, developing simultaneously with the Irish Presbyterian movement in Ulster and more than a century before the first Methodist Church was founded.

While Baptists are more common today in America, the first Baptists in America immigrated from Great Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands.