Our Approach

Christian religion takes many forms. Some approaches emphasize the ethereal and others the formal. Some pursue spiritual feelings and others the practices of time-honoured tradition.

At Sligo Baptist, we believe that everybody should have a personal and living faith in Jesus as described in the Bible. We believe everyone can experience a new spiritual life through Jesus and that those who do will be changed by his Holy Spirit. We believe that every Christian can follow Jesus today.

So the things we do together as a church (our worship, our deepening friendships, and our reaching out) are simply the ways we live out these beliefs.

Our Story

In 1968, Alan and Margaret Barker moved from England to Sligo together with their three children believing God had called them to work in the West of Ireland. They founded Sligo Baptist Church in 1977 in the converted garage of their home at Cartron Hill.

Growing up in the Baptist Church, Margaret's granddaughter remembers the Sunday worship services, "On some Sundays, you could smell the roast dinner through the door of the church because Granny was already preparing the meal."

Fifteen years later, the Church moved to new premises at Cartron Village. Pastor Barker died in 1997, but the church has continued under the leadership of clergy, lay volunteers, and international missionaries.

Meet the Team

God has been building at Sligo Baptist Church a skilled Christian leadership team for the various aspects of ministry in Sligo town and the surrounding region.

Kirk & Sandlin Poth

Growing up in the American southwest, the Poths are used to hot, dry and bright weather. But God guided them to Ireland where they have been serving him since 2009.

What brought them to cool, wet Sligo? That's a modern faith story worth hearing!

Matt & Jules Tuttlebee

with primary responsibilities of evangelism and discipleship in Bundoran, Kinlough, and Ballyshannon

Matt and Jules serve the Lord most days in Bundoran where you can find them catching waves and tidying the town.

What brought them to this rugged Gospel work? That's a modern faith story worth hearing!

Check out Matt's blog based on Spiritual Parrallel's to the Wild Atlantic Way!

Matthew & Pam Boardwell

with additional responsibilities of evangelism and discipleship in Manorhamilton & north County Leitrim

While they raised nine children, Matthew and Pam never lived closer than 1750 kilometers from their extended families.

What would cause them to serve God so far from loved ones? That's a modern faith story worth hearing!