Most Sunday messages at Sligo Baptist Church are part of a larger series of teachings. You can find related sermons in the series collections below.

Easter 2024

Palm Sunday and Easter messages

March 2024


Christmas 2023
Here Comes the Son!

God Keeps His Ancient Promises

December 2023

Take God at His Word

Knowing, Believing and Doing What God Says   

July - August 2023

Easter 2023

Palm Sunday and Easter messages

April 2023

Living On Mission

Understanding God's heart for the world and sharing it

August 2023

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Big messages in the littlest New Testament letters  

May - July 2023

Reflections on Faith - Tim Cumings

Reflections on the Faith - Titus 1:1-4

April 2023

Life Together in Jesus

How Christians Must Love One Another

January - March 2023

What's the Story?

Answers to Ireland's Six Big Questions about religion

September - October 2022