If He Was Still There…

What would Jesus think about these facts?
• We gather in groups small and large to worship and praise him.
• We claim that he is the means of our salvation.
• We actively seek to lead others to believe it too.
• We are pinning all our hopes of eternal life on Jesus Christ alone.

I think that if Jesus were aware of these things, Jesus would roll over in his grave…if he were there.

If Jesus is entombed our worship is blasphemy, our souls are lost, our witness is a lie, and our hopes are in vain. These are the things that are at stake if Jesus is still in the ground. These are the things that would make him roll over in his grave… if he were there.

So is he there? Is he still in a hidden tomb somewhere? Would he be insulted, offended, or shocked at these facts?

The resounding answer from the record of history is “NO!”

To hear solid evidence of an empty tomb and rest to this talk, listen here.

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