Where Else Would He Be?

Luke 2:41-52

When Jesus’ earthly family left him alone, he drew near to God. Like Simeon and Anna from the previous story, he went to the temple to stay until Mary and Joseph’s return. He went to be where his Father’s name was honored, his word taught, and his presence sought. Where else would the Son of God go?

Clearly, it’s where he belonged. Notice how comfortable he is there. Many of us would be intimidated to sit in same room as experts in religion. If we were there, we might sit quietly listening. Or we might stare at the debaters with our mouths wide open, wondering what in the world they are talking about. Or we might take the opportunity to show our ignorance by asking pseudo-profound question like… “Who made God?” Or “Can God create a rock too big for him to lift?”

Not Jesus. He listens. He questions. He understands. He answers. And the people are amazed. Not for the last time. Jesus is in his element. He’s at home thinking and talking about his Father.

Jesus seems authentically surprised that they’ve been looking anywhere else. He seems surprised that they didn’t go straight to the temple to find him. Where else would God’s Child be?

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